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865844.4 UDC:

The simulation of Investigator Epsilon 7's most recent StreamDive has been updated to correct several transcription errors. Please view the Interface section to download an updated copy in ZIP format (Other formats are under compilation).

865744.4 UDC:

Lockdown has been lifted for all TSC facilities. Normal operations are still suspended pending the results of internal investigations. All StreamDivers are advised to view this simulation for further information.

865743.4 UDC:

At the direct request of Director Sharif, Investigator Epsilon 7 has been recalled to TSC headquarters to lead an investigation into the current security situation. The TSC is currently under full lockdown procedure and all operations are suspended until further notice.s

865764.2 UDC:

Recent database corruption has caused what appears to be a variant version of AT678's simulation to appear in the database. The so-called Renegade Version module has not been approved for general release. Users should be warned to take all due precautions when viewing this file. Any information about the origin or authenticity of this record should be forwarded to Lt. J. Douzen, SAU.

865764.1 UDC:

A new version of AT678's simulation module has been released to comply with the Treaty of Babel.

865744.8 UDC:

The TSC has made arrangements for select items bearing the TSC logo to be sold to the general public. The StreamDiver Academy campus store has created a virtual storefront for this purpose. Please view the DataStore for more details.

865743.1 UDC:

All StreamDive operations have been suspended until further notice at the request of the SAU. A Class 4 lockdown is in effect for StreamDive Command to investigate irregularites reported by StreamDiver AT678. All TSC employees are ordered to contact Lieutenant Douzen of the SAU. Until additional information is released, StreamDivers are advised to view the simulation of StreamDiver AT678's mission.

865741.3 UDC:

StreamDiver Alpha Tango-678 has been authorized for StreamDive. A simulation of this mission has been commissioned. See interface section to download this simulation.